Module 1:
-Definitions and classification
-Understanding the Infection Process
-The most common infections in Canada
-How Infections spread between people and how to stop.
-How to protect ourselves
-Contact Precautions
-Droplet Precautions
-Airborne Precautions
-Ari Precautions
-What’s PPE and how to use it

Module 2:
-Donning PPE Using the Standard mask
– Using the Particulate Respirator (N95 Mask)
-Removing PPE.

Module 3:

The Infection Control course is now a requirement for students attending to the SHSM program in Secondary School as well as for students of careers on the Health Care, Food and Transportation Industries.
The course follows the guidelines from the International Association of Professionals in Infection Control and has several hands on activities making the training understandable and enjoyable.

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