Marcus Fields

This was the 4th time I was taught CPR at a C-class level… but this time was significantly different. It was much more enjoyable and this was due largely to our First AID teacher , Mr. Jesus Gomez. He made, in my opinion, a very dull and tedious subject (especially having to sit through the same lesson 4 times now) an enjoyable and very knowledgeable experience. Our teacher was extremely eccentric and enthusiastic, which made sitting through the same class I’ve sat through several times, bearable to say the least. I retained all the information a lot more effectively because of how interesting Mr. Gomez made CPR feel. Having a good mix of cognitive and interactive activities was extremely effective in understanding all the information and techniques we need to do. All the information we learned can prove valuable when dealing with tragic situations, especially when the likely-hood of us performing CPR or First AID would be on family members, so it would be an understatement to say I’m extremely thankful with all the information that was taught to us.