Terms & Privacy

Please read the following terms and conditions including our cancellation policy and course standards before registering for your course.

 Purchase Policy

Our goal at Canada CPR is to make your course registration experience easy, efficient and equitable, so you can complete your training as quickly as possible. The following policies are designed to ensure your satisfaction and understanding of our online registration process. If you have any questions about the information below, please contact us at Canadacprschool@gmail.com

Before completing your registration, carefully review the details for the course you have selected. Location and Time of course will be visible in Course Description Please make sure that you have selected the course you require on the correct date.

CanadaCPR offers a course selection of Blended Learning that allows the participant to learn online at their own pace and comfort and then attending the in-person training on their selected date. The participant MUST have their online portion complete before attending the in-person training. They will not receive their certificate without the completion of their online material. 

Course confirmations are sent by email only.  It is possible that the confirmation email may be lost or filtered by an anti-spam program.  If you have not received your confirmation email within 48 hours of your registration, it is your responsibility to contact us to confirm your arrangements.

Class schedules and timelines are strictly followed.  Arriving late for your course may cause you to be turned away at the door.  Refunds are not issued for individuals who are turned away at the door for late arrival or non-attendance (no-shows).


General Course Policy

Canada CPR reserves the right to dismiss any student from a class for disruptive or inappropriate behaviour. Students who are disruptive or exhibit inappropriate behaviour will be removed from class and NO REFUND OR CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED.

We understand that in many situations, students may need to be in contact with their offices on an occasional basis. Please be courteous to the other students and the class instructor and make these calls only during a break or at lunch. During class, all students are required to mute or turn off cell phones and refrain from using text messaging. If you are expecting an important call that may interrupt the class, please speak to the instructor before.

Please finish the online portion before attending the in-person session. Failing to do so will cause some certification issues. Please contact canadacprschool@gmail.com if you are unable to find it or are unable to complete it before your in-person session 

Payment Policy

You may select from three methods of payment. Paypal, E-Transfer, and Cash. If using E-Transfer, you must pay at least 50% of your course cost before attending the in-person training. Once you pay you will receive an online portion (If available for your course). If you do not pay the full cost or at minimum 50% of the cost, you will not receive your course’s online module or certificate of completion.

Cancellation Policy

Once an individual has registered for a course, a spot is reserved for that individual.  Class sizes are limited so we employ a cancellation policy regarding refund or transfer of course fees.

Please note that since our administrative office is closed on weekends and statutory holidays, business days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays.

Cancel With Notice (minimum of 72 hours notice) To receive a refund, the candidate must cancel more than 72 hours prior to the course.  Cancellations made in less than 72 hours will not receive a refund, they may only reschedule. Once the participant transfers to another course, the participant may no longer request to reschedule for a second time free of charge. They will be charged a fee of $30. A notice will be sent before class.

If the participant refuses to reschedule, a full refund will not be returned due to the cost of a Canadian Red Cross certification, VISA fees and faslely reserving a seat in the classroom. 


Our Privacy Policy

By purchasing a course online, you agree to receive email updates from us (e.g., changes to the course location, time, etc.). Your personal information will not be shared at any other time with any other party but may be used to contact you once your certification expires, or to inform you about other courses we offer that may be of interest to you. If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us at Canadacpr@gmail.com prior to registering for your course.