The Importance of Being Prepared

To be prepared to act in an emergency can be interpreted differently by an individual. To some, it may be defined as having basic knowledge on what to. To others, it could relate to knowing what to do and having the proper equipment and personnel at the scene of the emergency.

In Ontario, Emergency Medical Services vary due to EMS availability, population size and volume of calls. Data collected by the Ministry of Health Ontario illustrates that EMS is arriving at the scene at an average of 10 minutes. The data further demonstrates that smaller communities and rural areas may wait upwards of 12+ minutes at the scene. 

Unfortunately, ill or injured people who are not receiving any form of intervention (First Aid or CPR/AED care) are passing away at the scene or in the ambulance.

Because of first responders, not those related to EMS, but those civillians who activate EMS/9-1-1 and immediately start care for the ill or injured person, we are finding positive trends in recent data. More people are surviving life-threatening emergencies.

You can do this for yourself! Be someone’s hero by educating yourself in CPR/AED or Standard First Aid.

We offer thorough and dynamic training for those who seek to make a difference in society!

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